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Trump Loves Veterans?

1 min read

Trump claims he loves veterans but he thinks POWs are losers and lies about donations raised/given to veteran groups.

That's a strange kind of love; like spousal abuse type of love.

@Microsoft, when uninstalling programs don't hide the damn "UAC" dialog in the background. It drives me nuts! Can I change this behavior?

3D Pen Bird. #impressive #art

#BigGreenEgg getting fired up

Now that's a party....

Classic #huntingtonwv #fordfairlane #huntingtoninsta

Cat line up

The Tallest Man on Earth in My Hometown

1 min read

The other day I was driving along and a song popped up by "Sagres" called "The Tallest Man on Earth."

It's a pretty good tune but.... Well, just listen.

The music was very familiar to me though I'd never heard the song before. As I listened to the song my brain just automatically identified the music and suddenly I was siging, "My Hometown" by Bruce Springsteen and not really hearing the lyrics to this song anymore.

Name the weed #discgolfdiscovery

Don't Fuck With The Herd