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Roger Waters - Crystal Clear

2 min read

Anyone who really knows me knows I'm a huge Pink Floyd fan; particularly of the Roger Waters era. I still really loved the post Waters Floyd but the vibe of the music, and more importantly the lyrics, with Waters always really appealed to me.

My friend Oswald, whom I met in the Army, then introduced me to Waters solo albums which I also really enjoy.

Sadly, I've never seen Floyd or Waters in concert though, perhaps, I can change that next year when Roger goes on tour again. He has even written a new song (so maybe there is an entirely new album coming out).

Even if I hadn't led in with all the talk of Floyd and Waters you'd know this song was a Roger Waters song. It has his trademarks all over it. The slow piano opening, the choir ladies in the background, the emotional crescendo, and the sharp enunciation to end some sentences. It's all there. Honestly, I'm not sure how I feel about that.

I do enjoy this song but if it is the first song on his first new album in 22 years I guess I thought he might have changed a bit. Here it is recorded by a fan at the Newport Music Festival:

On the meaning of Immutability

1 min read

I have been reading a little bit about Omniscient.js - it looks cool; but when I see statements like this

when a value has been swapped in the immutable structure - source

I feel like, maybe, the term immutable is being misused.

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