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Just the Pants and nothing but the Pants

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I am always trying to find comfortable decent looking pants that aren't jeans and that offer good range of movement and utility. Shit's hard yo.

A couple years ago I found the Kuhl Revolvr. They're pretty comfortable and very utilitarian but they don't look that great (or maybe I just don't look as good in them as the model) and they've sort of aged poorly (maybe that's just my bad laundering skills though).

I do love the weight of them though. They are really light weight. I wear them daily and they are really comfortable. I also really like the side-leg pocket which perfectly holds my cell phone. It's much more comfortable than carrying the phone in my normal front pocket.

I actually own a heavier pair of Kuhl pants but they are actually "too" heavy and I end up being hot whenever I wear them (if I'm indoors). They are really solid pants though and I am sure they would hold up really well if I were doing some outdoor adventuring in the late fall/early winter.

The Revolvr material is just about the perfect weight for wearing to work. But, the price you pay for the light fabric is that they have worn out faster than I would like; (it's possible I have unreasonable expectations) especially in the seat. (maybe I fidget a lot at my desk?) Especially for the price you pay for the pant. So I've begun a new search for pants.

This past week I bought a pair of Eddie Bauer "Mountain Pants". They are pretty comfortable. Not as roomy in the pinchy places but they also look nicer on. Plus they have the side leg pocket for my phone. The material is somewhere between the weight of the Revolvr and my heavier Kuhl pants so I'm pretty hopeful for them in the long run.

I typically just get "khaki " colored pants. I'm pretty conservative when it comes to colors on me. These pants came in a tone called "Aged Brass" which is a bit darker and redder? than khaki but I actually really like the color. I never would have bought them if I'd gone into the store - I wouldn't have even looked at them - but buying online helped me not notice the color as much. They have a "saddle" color which is probably closer to khaki.

I'll probably buy a couple more pair - though I doubt I'll be so adventurous as to get the "Dark Slate". They also have a "mountain jean" but I think I'll pass on that as well. The mountain pant is more relaxed. My only complaint at the moment is I wish it were a little more relaxed in the thigh. On the flip side I really like the feel of the material used for the hand pockets. It's some kind of cotton I'd guess and it's quite comfortable.

The Eddie Bauer "Riverbank" pants actually remind me more of the Kuhl Revolvr. I might order a pair of those too. If I do I'll update this post with my thoughts on those pants as well.

Maybe I'll remember I posted this in a year or so and I'll post a followup on how the Eddie Bauer pants are holding up.